A Note from
John Ford, Owner of
Ford Publishing

Ford Publishing began quite simply in 1979 as a company that produced a monthly model car racing magazine, Scale Auto Racing News. Linda and I started Ford Publishing and did all the work ourselves, Ford Publishing is a small company where a human being can be reached most any time by phone. We can be reached any time at 1-501-467-2711. With our experience in the publishing and communications industries, the transition to web pages was easy. You can CLICK HERE to see a list of all the web pages I have done. Or, go to our Gallery of Web Pages. which is a listing of all the web pages hosted on the 2 Fords Network servers. The gallery is filled with some of the web sites of our many customers. Some choose to do their own work, and I wouldn't want to take that joy away from anyone. However, if you don't feel as though you have the time, talent, or inclination to do your own web page or graphic design, please email me and let me show you how inexpensive we can do the work for you here at Ford Publishing.... johnford@2fords.net
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Ford Publishing Prices:

Web page design and hosting prices - Pre-press and printing prices.
Web Construction and Hosting Fees:

NON-COMMERCIAL HOME PAGES ARE FREE for one full year, Then $25.00 per y ear after that.:
It doesn't come any cheaper than that, but this freebie is only offered to those people who are customers of The 2 Fords Network, or raceway distributors of Scale Auto Racing News.

Web Page Construction Fees:
The standard one time charge for web page construction is $25.00 . That per page price includes
pictures and text furnished by you.

Domain Name Registration:
You may register your own domain name online at http://www.networksolutions.com
If you want this service performed by the Ford Publishing webmaster, there will be a $25.00 flat fee that includes both the domain name and registration fees. All we need from you is a name, mailing address and phone number.

Hosting Fees:
Wholesale prices to everyone is our policy. $60.00 per year for commercial websites. This price makes our service perfect for webspace resellers and if you wil look closely at quite reasonable. Quality and speed doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. In a recent speed contest, our servers tied the fastest in the nation . We use all Macintosh servers, making the 2 Fords Network as powerful and as unhackable as you can get. Even though we are an all Apple house, our servers are perfectly compatible with all computers.

Listing with Search Engines:
Customer must furnish webmaster with all key words. Key words are added to the body of web page and notification of the web page is sent to all major search engines. There is no charge for this service.

One Final "NOTE from John": At Ford Publishing, we have been in business since 1979. We have been completely digital with scanners and laser printers since the early 80's. We make our living by publishing the World's oldest and most popular model car racing magazine. We fill our spare time doing multimedia publishing work for people who find out about us by word of mouth and online. We are a small company because we choose to remain small. Because we are small, we cannot serve everyone, but by the same token, if you choose to use us for your multimedia publishing needs, you will get the type of personal service that can only come from a small company. We have the best equipment and have our job down to a science. That equipment and our many years experience combined with the low overhead of our Malvern, Arkansas location is why we can do more for less than anyone else. Call for a free quote today. 1-501-467-2711. Click Here to see the list of web pages I have done.

These pages designed and maintained by John Ford and hosted at 2 Fords Network. Web pages as low as $25.00 with hosting fee's as low as $7.50 per month.
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